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Signs That Your Automatic Transmission is Failing: Warning Signs of a Faulty Transmission

Most transmissions give warning, or show signs of wear before going out completely, giving you time to schedule the repairs.

Sometimes, getting your vehicle in early and addressing the cause of the transmission problems can prevent a minor problem from becoming worse, saving you from potentially costly and extensive transmission repairs or replacement.

Here are a few common signs of transmissions trouble:

Your Transmission's Performance
One of the first signs of a faulty transmission, is its performance. A weak transmission won't be functioning as usual. There might be a lag, or the transmission may start slipping in and out of gear while driving. The engine might rev up without any changing of the gears, or you might hear a loud noise when shifting from gears. The most obvious alert that your transmission has already gone out, is when your vehicle fails to go into gear.

Burning Smells
Burning transmission fluid is never a good sign. A smoky, burning smell is a sign that your transmission is starting to burn fluid. Good transmissions have clear, or pink transmission fluid while transmissions that are starting to fail have an almost black color to them.

Fluid Leaks
If you see large puddles of transmission fluid, or are losing large amounts of transmission fluid from your vehicle, it's often an indication that your vehicle's transmission is on its way out. A leaky transmission is one of the common signs that a transmission is failing.

If you suspect your transmission is starting to fail, it is best to have it checked out before it gets worse. Addressing transmission problems early can sometimes help prevent your transmission from becoming worse.

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